Top ChoiceWaterfall in Jacmel

Bassin Bleu

Bassin Bleu

Tucked into the mountains 12km northwest of Jacmel, Bassin Bleu is a series of three cobalt-blue pools linked by waterfalls that make up one of the prettiest swimming holes in Haiti. Experience Jacmel will take...

Top ChoiceCreole in Jacmel

Manje Lokal

Right off the boardwalk behind a concrete wall with an opening at the center, this is a collection of half-a-dozen shacks (with accompanying sound systems), each serving up plenty of beer and cheap food. Fish,...

Carnival in Jacmel


Jacmel’s Carnival celebrations are famous across Haiti, and every year thousands of partygoers descend on the city to take part in this fantastic spectacle. Jacmel turns into one giant gothic, surrealist theater...

Waterfront in Jacmel

Promenade du Bord de Mer

Installed by ex-President Michel Martelly, this kilometer-long boardwalk along Jacmel's waterfront has become popular with locals as a spot to socialize and relax. It's magical to go for a stroll over the...

Cave in Port Salut

Grotte Marie Jeanne

About 45 minutes north of Port Salut, this massive cave is the largest and most impressive in Haiti. Visitors today can tour three areas of the cave, one of which is completely dark, and the whole thing takes...

Barbecue in Kabic

Sur Le Toit

This 2nd-story, open-air restaurant and theater is right on the beach, with a thatched roof and stylish mosaic flooring. The menu is enormous, with every imaginable surf and turf, Creole, and spaghetti dish, but...

Village in Jacmel

Cayes Jacmel

From the small fishing village of Cayes Jacmel, about 14km east of Jacmel, the beach spreads a further 3km to Plage Ti Mouillage, a gorgeous white-sand beach fringed with coconut palms, plus a bar for drinks and...

Bakery in Jérémie

Konparet Madam Senec

The komparet (ginger buns) at this hole-in-the-wall store are luscious and unrivaled, made with Olivia Senec's decades-old recipe of sugar, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, flour, sweet banana and butter. She’s been at...

Creole in Jérémie


Whatever’s fresh ends up on your plate at this cute little restaurant along the way to Plage Anse d'Azur and Jérémie’s airport, with favorites including fish, beef and herby-tasting goat. Natural fruit juices...

Creole in Jérémie

Le Boucanier

This better-than-average bar-resto has a wide-ranging Creole menu, but there are usually only one or two dishes available, typically catch of the day and either barbecued chicken or griyo (pork), served with...

Beach in Jérémie

Anse d'Azur

About 5km northwest of Jérémie is this gorgeous sandy bay with a sunken German U-boat and several caves that any Caribbean country would envy. A return moto-taxi will cost around US$3 to US$4.

Creole in Jérémie

Chez Patou

A great place to fill up, this airy red-and-white building has a decent range of sandwiches and burgers, along with hearty servings of Creole standards, spaghetti and ice cream (as per the giant painting of a...

Seafood in Port Salut

Chez Kaliko

Joe, the owner of this beachfront shack in Port Salut, doesn’t know his business' opening hours, and doesn’t seem aware of time in general. But if you’ve got several hours to spare and are a fan of fresh octopus,...

Beach in Jacmel

Cyvadier Plage

This beach is about 10km east of Jacmel, down a small track leading from the Cayes Jacmel road. The beach is part of the Cyvadier Plage Hôtel. The small half-moon-shaped cove flanked by rocky cliffs has no undertow.

Cafe in Jacmel

Cafe Koze

When the wait at the Florita becomes unbearable, those in the know head next door to the more efficient Cafe Koze, an espresso bar and lounge with great pizza, tapas and a delicious lobster pressed sandwich...

Bistro in Les Cayes

Bistro Gourmand

This indoor-outdoor bar is a hit with the NGO crowd that passes through Les Cayes on the way to jobs further along the southern peninsula. Salads and pizzas are big sellers, and the bar gets busy in the evenings....

Art in Jacmel

Les Créations Moro

One of Jacmel's better artisanat (handicrafts) galleries, Moro features Carnival masks and costumes and the all-popular 'sitters' – colorful plywood characters that perch on ledges.

International in Port Salut

Sunset Cove Restaurant

Part of the rebuilt Sunset Cove Beach Hotel property, this restaurant does a decent grilled conch and pizza. The setting is lovely, overlooking the water and a tiny, sandy cove.

Seafood in Kabic

La Reference

Beachfront eatery on stilts and beneath a thatched roof, offering good spaghetti, lobster and Creole dishes. Popular with foreign visitors; also offers guest rooms (from US$80).

Bar in Les Cayes

Hot Spot

You know a place is fun when there's a neon martini glass and music note involved. Hot Spot is popular among locals for cold Prestige and homegrown Les Cayes nightlife.