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Getting Around


Useful for weaving through traffic jams, but certainly not the safest form of transport. They cost around HTG50 for short trips; haggle for longer distances.


Port-au-Prince’s taptaps run along set routes and are a very cheap and convenient way of getting around. The usual fare is HTG10 per trip. Routes are painted on the side of the cab doors. All stop on request. Shouting ‘Merci chauffeur!’ or banging on the side of the vehicle will stop the driver. Particularly useful routes include Lalue to Pétionville, Rte de Delmas to Pétionville and Canapé Vert to Pétionville. Routes running north–south include Aéroport to Nazon (crossing Delmas and Lalue), and Saline to Martissant (along Grand Rue).