Must see shopping in Port-au-Prince & Around

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    Isidor Gallery

    In Croix-des-Bouquets, Jean Baptiste Jean Joseph's Vodou temple and art gallery-cum-museum features tapestries, pillow cases, other beaded fabrics and…

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    Serge Jolimeau

    Serge Jolimeau is the heir apparent to Croix-des-Bouquets' metalwork tradition. His eponymous open-air showroom features his originals (displayed inside a…

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    El Saieh Gallery

    Sharona El-Saieh, daughter-in-law of the gallery's founder and one of the original patrons of Haitian painting is an accomplished mosaic artist. She holds…

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    Papillon Enterprise

    Formed in 2009, this top-notch organization has built a successful artisan's workshop staffed by Haitians who make art out of various recycled materials…

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    Mountain Maid Baptist Mission

    Attached to the Mountain Maid Tea Terrace, this mission shop sells arts and crafts as well as wonderful bread, cookies, honey and homemade spiced dous (a…

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    Comité Artisanat Haïtien

    Established in 1972, this craftmakers’ cooperative has worked to promote Haitian crafts and provide fair wages for its artisans. The shop here is strong…

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    Pascale Théard Creations

    An upscale art boutique with everything from custom sandals to Vodou bracelets to chandeliers made out of recycled tires. The business owner, Pascale…

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    Galerie d'Art Nader

    A huge gallery over two floors, with a large collection of mostly moderns and some naives. The owner also has an extensive private collection housed as a…

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    Galerie Monnin

    In a lovely building, this is Port-au-Prince’s oldest private art gallery. Lots of landscapes, but with a wide selection of different Haitian schools.

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    Libraire de Pléiade

    Pétionville's largest selection of English-language books, which is to say, it's quite small.

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    A respected Pétionville gallery with a vast collection of Haitian art.