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‘Caribbean fusion’ aren’t words you expect to see written in a Haitian restaurant review, but Papaye carries off the idea with considerable aplomb, taking Creole dishes and jamming them up against Asian, European an…
Top Choice Caribbean in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Assiette Creole

Tremendously popular with local office workers, this place serves up very generous portions of excellent- quality Creole cuisine. You can take away or sit at the tables with umbrellas.
Museum in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Musée du Panthéon National

A modern, mostly subterranean museum set in its own gardens. The unusual design echoes the houses of Haiti’s original Taíno inhabitants; a motif repeated by the conical central ‘well’, bringing light to illuminate t…
Market in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Marché de Fer

An exuberant red-metal structure dating from 1889, which looks akin to something from the Arabian Nights rather than tropical Haiti, the Iron Market has been brilliantly restored since being severely damaged in the …
Arts Center in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Grand Rue artists

Visit these studios, where scrap and found objects become startling Vodou sculpture – a Caribbean junkyard gone cyber-punk.
Caribbean in Port-Au-Prince & Around


This is a decent no-frills sort of a place, serving up healthily large portions of Creole standards. Along with platters of griyo (pork), plantain and the like, there’s good jerked chicken and a dash of American fas…
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Chez Rose

The service and setting in this converted gingerbread are worth a detour. The menu is the expected mix of Creole and French dishes, nicely presented and with accompanying ambiance.
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This well-regarded restaurant in Bicentenaire has a cool, dark interior that attracts a slightly more well-heeled crowd, making this one of the few higher-end downtown restaurants to hold its own against the gravita…
Fast Food in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Épi d’Or

This place is always busy; be warned of big queues at lunchtime. As well as great sandwiches, it also serves crepes, pizza and ‘MacEpi’ burgers, and there’s an inhouse patisserie, all in bright surroundings and with…
in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Anba Tonel

Most people hit Pétionville’s restaurants for an alternative to Creole cuisine, but Anba Tonel may be the place to change minds. Kibby (fried stuffed meatballs) is the highlight here, along with the winning (and unl…