Arts & Crafts in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Papillon Enterprise

Formed in 2009, this top-notch organization has built a successful artisan's workshop staffed by Haitians who make art out of various recycled materials such as paper, glass bottles, aluminum and steel drums. A tour…
Art in Plaine du Cul-de-Sac

Isidor Gallery

In Croix des Bouquets, this Vodou temple and art gallery offers tapestries, pillow cases, other beaded fabrics and spiritual ceremonies. The owner is artist and Vodou priest Jean Bapiste Jean Joseph, also known as J…
Art in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Galerie Marassa

Recently relocated inside Hotel Kinam, this is a specialized and exclusive gallery exhibiting a good base of contemporary and naive Haitian artists, as well as metalwork, crafts and Vodou flags. Find it on the secon…
Arts & Crafts in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Comité Artisanat Haïtien

Established in 1972, this craftmakers’ cooperative has worked to promote Haitian crafts and provide fair wages for its artisans. The shop here is strong on well-priced metalwork, stone sculptures, lively painted box…
Arts & Crafts in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Pascale Théard Creations

An upscale art boutique with everything from custom sandals to flatware to Vodou bracelets to chandeliers made out of recycled tires. The business owner, Pascale Théard, is a mover and shaker in the local art commun…
Art in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Galerie Nader

A huge gallery over two floors, with a large collection of mostly moderns and some naives. The owner also has an extensive private collection housed as a museum at a separate address.
Art in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Galerie Monnin

In a lovely building, this is Port-au-Prince’s oldest private art gallery. Lots of landscapes, but with a wide selection of different Haitian schools.
Music in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Le Mélodisque

Has the best selection of Haitian music CDs in Pétionville. Also sells concert tickets.
Art in Port-Au-Prince & Around


A respected Pétionville gallery with a vast collection of Haitian art.
Art in Port-Au-Prince & Around

Galerie Flamboyant

A small gallery with a nice mix of naives and moderns.