Jérémie restaurants

Bakery in Jérémie

Konparet Madam Senec

The konparet (ginger buns) at this hole-in-the-wall store are luscious and unrivaled, made with Olivia Senec's decades-old recipe of sugar, coconut, cinnamon, ginger, flour, sweet banana and butter. She’s been at it…
Health Food in Jérémie


Whatever’s fresh ends up on your plate at this cute little restaurant along the way to Plage Anse and Jérémie’s airport, with favorites including fish, beef and herby tasting goat. Natural fruit juices with energy b…
Creole in Jérémie

Chez Patou

A great place to fill up, this airy red-and-white building has a decent range of sandwiches and burgers, along with hearty servings of Creole standards, spaghetti and ice cream. The hurricane blew off the roof and t…
Creole in Jérémie

Le Boucanier

This typical bar-resto has a wide-ranging Creole menu, but there are usually only one or two dishes available, typically barbecued chicken or griyo (pork) served with plantain and salad.