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Southern Haiti

Haiti’s south is about taking it easy. Pulling out of Port-au-Prince, the urban hustle is soon replaced by a relaxed air as you head toward the Caribbean.

Of the southern coast, Jacmel is the gem: an old port full of pretty buildings, handicrafts shops and a fabulous new beach boardwalk. East of there, Kabic Beach offers a more bohemian, back-to-nature vibe.

Further west, things are sleepier and still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. The gritty town of Les Cayes is an embarkation point for the gorgeous beaches of Île-à-Vache, a bit sandier after the storm but otherwise intact, while the formerly idyllic Port Salut still looks rough and lacks electricity.

The southern ‘claw’ is bisected by the Massif de la Hotte, and after a spectacular mountain crossing the road terminates at Jérémie, the sometime City of Poets, which has recovered steadily from the storm with the help of countless NGOs.

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