Boat in Berbice

Canawaima Ferry

The ferry to Suriname leaves Moleson Creek, 19 km south of Corriverton, daily at 10:30am, arriving in South Drain, Suriname, 30 minutes later. There is sometimes a second sailing around 1pm, but it cannot be relied …
Airport in Georgetown

Ogle International Airport

This small airstrip is just 6km from downtown Georgetown and is where charter and scheduled flights to the interior depart. There's a Scotiabank ATM here, as well as a couple of simple cafes.
Airline in Georgetown

Trans Guyana Airways

Services the most flights to the most destinations within the country (around 35), as well as daily code-share flights with Gum Air to Paramaribo in Suriname. Has the best safety reputation.
Bus in Berbice


The only bus service offering a direct connection between Georgetown and Paramaribo in Suriname (nine to 12 hours). Call at least one day before you want to travel to arrange your pick-up.
Bus in Georgetown


Georgetown–Lethem minibus services, leaving both towns around 6pm each evening, arriving in the other around 15–20 hours later, depending on the state of the main road through the country.
Bus in Georgetown

P&A Bus Services

Georgetown–Lethem services (G$12,000) departing every evening around 5pm and arriving the next day in Lethem.
Bus in Georgetown

BD Express

Offers daily Georgetown–Lethem services for as little as G$10,000. The office is inside the Hotel Novo.
Airline in Georgetown

Caribbean Airlines

Flights to Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, with connecting flights to many more destinations.
Airline in Georgetown

Air Services Limited

Regular flights to Lethem, Kaieteur and several other destinations in the interior.
Airport in Iwokrama Rainforest

Iwokrama-Fair View Airfield

This dirt airstrip has regular flights to Georgetown and Lethem.