Essential Guyana

• 1 Week

Stay in Georgetown for a night then take a day trip by plane to the outrageously scenic Kaieteur Falls. Next, fly or travel overland into the interior to stay in the Amerindian village of Surama for two nights. From here take road and river to either Caiman House, to help with caiman research, or Lethem, from where you can explore the nearby mountains, waterfalls and villages. On your final day, fly back to Georgetown from Lethem, enjoying stunning views of the rainforest.

Guyanese Adventure

• 2 Weeks

After spending a couple of days exploring Georgetown, take an overnight trip by plane to the gorgeous, raging Kaieteur Falls, where you can spend the night in one of the simple lodges to escape the day tripper crowds and have the magical place all to yourself. Fly back to Georgetown the following day and then head inland to the rainforest. Begin your adventure with a night at Atta Rainforest Lodge, where you can enjoy the nearby Canopy Walkway before going to Surama Eco Lodge for an unforgettable three-night stay in an Amerindian village. After that, travel to Caiman House and Rewa Eco-Lodge to search for caiman and arapaima (the world's largest freshwater scaled fish). Continue to Lethem and spend several nights on ranches in the South Rupununi.