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$1813 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Georgetown, Rupununi Savanna, Kaieteur Water Falls 8-Day Trip

Day 1: Saturday -Arrival Transfer to Georgetown hotel for overnight. Overnight at Sleep In Hotel Day 2: Sunday -Kaieteur Falls (B-L) Fly to Kaieteur Falls. See the majestic 740 foot (225 meter) natural wonder from different vantage points. Spend 2 hours at the falls. Picnic lunch and afternoon return to your hotel. Overnight at Sleep In Hotel Day 3: Monday- Annai  (B-L-D) Transfer to the airport for your flight to Lethem. Upon arrival you will be met and transferred to Annai where you will stay at the Rock View Lodge /guesthouse. You will be taken on a tour of the Amerindian village of Annai and learn about their way of life . Visit to the women cooperative peanut butter factory . Overnight at Rock View Lodge Day 4: Tuesday- IwokramaWe drive north through the rainforest to Iwokrama River Lodge.- a Rain forest Conservation and Development which contains 360,000 hectares of virgin forest in the center of Guyana. After dinner, enjoy a boat trip on the Essequibo River in search of caiman, other night animals and nocturnal birds. Overnight at Iwokrama River Lodge Day 5: Wednesday- Iwokrama/Turtle Mountain (B-L-D) After breakfast, depart on a 30-minute boat ride to the foot of Turtle Mountain for a hike to its 951 foot (290 meter) summit. You may observe many species of monkeys, including the red howler, black spider and wedge-capped capuchin. In the afternoon, take a walk in the nearby forest. You may come across several looking for birds, including Black-necked Aracari, Screaming Piha, Grey-chinned Hermit, Crested Oropendola, Blue-and-Yellow Macaw and Black Curassow, Jaburi storks, Roseate Spoonbills, Wood Storks, Black Skimmers, Boat-billed, Herons and Muscovy Ducks . Overnight at Iwokrama River Lodge  Day 6: Thursday- Fly to Georgetown (B-L) Fly back to Georgetown. Transfer to your hotel .This afternoon enjoy a sun set cruise where you will spot scarlet ibises , herons and other species in their natural habitat. Overnight at Status Hotel   Day 7: Friday-Discover Georgetown (B) We will visit the city of Georgetown which displays examples of colonial architecture and our 3 hour tour passes main street, Church Street to visit the St Georges Anglican church, the promenade gardens, the seawall, Stabroek market ,brickdam, botanical and zoo.  Return to your hotel for overnight. Overnight at Status Hotel Day8: Saturday - Departure Transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

$3500 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Guyana Birds Interior

Day 1: ArrivalMeet and greet and transfer airport to hotel. Overnight in Georgetown.Day 2: Kaieteur Falls/Surama Fly to Kaieteur Falls and spend 2 hours exploring while searching for the famous Guianan Cock-of-the-rock. Fly to Surama and overnight. (BLD)Day 3: Surama Eco-lodge This morning we take a leisurely walk to Burro Burro River for great birding opportunities. We may likely see birds such as the Savanna Hawk and Pearl Kite in this area. Late afternoon return to Surama Eco-lodge for overnight. (BLD)Day 4& 5: Atta Lodge Today we'll drive to the Canopy Walkway. 505 foot (154 meter) state-of-the-art Iwokrama Canopy Walkway offers a totally unique experience in the region and envelopes you in the jungle's mid-level canopy through a series of suspension bridges and decks from heights of up to 98 feet (30 meters).Red howler monkeys jaguar and puma may also be observed. We may also see the diminutive Dusky Purpletuft, Purple-breasted Cotinga, Todd’s and Guyanan Streaked Antwrens, Guyanan Puffbird, Dusky and Caica Parrots, and a variety of Woodcreepers, Woodpeckers, Honeycreepers, Tityras, Toucans, Aracaris and more. Along the trails we may encounter tinamous, Foliage-gleaners, Antshrikes, Grosbeaks and other goodies. The clearing at Atta is an excellent location for Crimson Fruit-Crow. Red howler monkeys, jaguar and puma may also be observed. On the second day, the Cock-of-the-rock Trail may turn up Guyanan Cock-of-the-rock. Return to Atta Lodge for overnight. (BLD). Day 6: Iwokrama Spend the morning on the canopy walkway then lunch at Atta. Afternoon transfer to Iwokrama Field Station. Along the way, birds you would most likely see are: Cracids, Cotingas, Crimson Topaz, Crimson Fruitcrow, Hoatzin, Harpy Eagle and Parrots. (BLD).Day 7: Turtle Mountain/Iwokrama After breakfast, the journey starts with a peaceful and scenic half hour boat ride where you arrive at the base of Turtle Mountain. The trek to the 952-foot (290-meter) Turtle Mountain summit is mildly challenging and takes about 1 1/2 hours but the breathtaking views are more than worth the effort. Turtle Mountain provides a gorgeous view of the top of the rainforest canopy.Along the way you may spot Harpy Eagles Greater Yellow-headed Vultures, King Vultures, Gray-headed, Double-toothed, and Plumbeous Kites and Black-faced Hawk. The trails may reveal Little Chachalaca, Marail Guan, Black Currassow and Black-bellied Cuckoos, Blue-crowned Mot Mot, Collared Puffbird, Pygmy, Antwrens and many more! Overnight at the Iwokrama River Lodge. (BLD)Day 8: Georgetown Transfer to Lethem for the flight to Georgetown. Afternoon botanical gardens bird watching tour.  (BLD).Day 9: Departure Take off  from Pegasus and transfer to airport for departure.

$2200 Multi-day & Extended Tours

9-Day Kanuku Mountain Expedition from Lethem

After sleeping the first night in Lethem, we will make our way to the little community of Nappi. We meet the local guides and have a short briefing before we are driven to the foot of the mountains. From here the trekking begins.We will have two days of trekking alongside the edge of the mountains. An approximate total of 16 kilometers will need to be covered while trekking through the beautiful rainforest. First day we will go trough the technique of setting up a camp for the night.When the camp is once again packed in our backpacks we will trek the last 8 kilometers to get to our permanent camp deep in the jungle. We will go through more technical stuff of living in the base and prepare for a comfortable stay. The afternoon will be used for fishing after some of the giants and piranhas living in the creek running next to the camp.Every night will be spend walking the forest with our local guides to spot some of the animals in the area. An abundance of tree snakes live in and around camp and with the right luck we will be able to spot some of these on the many walks. We will leave the permanent camp on day 5 or 6 to take the trek back towards civilization again. Moving on the cleared path and camp on the way. Upon arrival back in Nappi a 4X4 will pick us up and drive us back to Lethem for a relaxing night.There will be chances of putting up small traditional survival shelters in the trees that will give an ideal chance of taking pictures of some of the many shy mammals that live in the area. We will try to dive with bow and arrow to fish in the crystal clear water. We will fish from above the surface with bow and arrow and the locals can demonstrate hunting in the forest with bow and arrow if wished to see by participants.Overall a good mix of wildlife and nature experiences, physical efforts and technical insight in the art of living in the jungle.

$1800 Multi-day & Extended Tours

7-Day Guyana Wild Ranch Adventure from Lethem

The ranches of the Rupununi have kept themselves traditional in many ways. Hard physical work, combined with skills and experience, are still the main driving forces behind these fascinating places. Come and experience the lifestyle by staying on a family ranch 2-4 hours drive away from Lethem. Embark on this 5-day experience down south to one of the most beautiful places in Guyana where there will be time to experience all the aspects of the life of the family. Live in the ranch house or in one of their small self contained cabins and enjoy food cooked by the wife, known as one of the best chefs in the Rupununi. Every day starts early in the morning when the cool air and first light surround the savannas. You will get a chance to ride with the vaqueros to round up cattle and bring it back to the corral. In the right season, the corall work is one of the best experiences. The vaqueros will catch the young cattle with lassos and bring them down to be branded by a burning hot iron. Participation is welcomed but practice caution. Giant anteater spotting is done on horseback. The horses gives a brilliant chance of getting up close to these majestic creatures since they don’t seem to fear them as much as humans. Be sure to snap a photo for they are the biggest of their kind in the whole world. The nearby creek can give you quite a relief from the midday sun where you can bath, fish or dive for fish in the clear water streaming from the mountains. At nighttime there is a good chance of spotting animals and if the boat is around, the son will be able to take you out on the river to spot some of the many animals living here at nighttime. For the hardcore rider, a longer day or multiple-day trip can be arranged on horseback to Shiriri Mountain or even further away. However, this trip is not for beginners because vaqueros are both routine and riding fast. For experienced riders, this additional trip can be exciting and challenging!

$125 Day Trips & Excursions

Bike Tour to Kanuku Mountains Including Kumu Falls

Before first light we will mount our bicycles to ride of towards the sunrise. We will start early to escape the hot sun and enjoy the fresh air that covers the area in the morning hours. From Lethem, we will bicycle out on the savanna to reach the falls at the foot of the Kanuku Mountain’s.During the tour over the savanna and through the small communities we will guide and tell stories of the area and it’s inhabitants, the Amerindians. For centuries they have been living around these mountains known as the mother of all life. A very spiritual place and sacred for all the native people around it. Upon arrival at the falls it is time for the first dip in the water. We will follow the narrow trails leading up to the pools and here we will enjoy the rainforest, jumping from rocks and swimming in the water. During the day we will serve snacks and drinks. We can bring bow and arrow to try this traditional tool, small yari yari rods to try catching small fish or show skills in fire lighting before making hot water for a cup of tea or coffee. Early in the afternoon will we once again start our bicycle ride back towards Lethem. We will go in slow past and enjoy the view of the area before entering the city once again. Here we will drop people of at the hotel for a good night sleep.Please note:There is a good chance of exposure to sun during bicycling so remember to bring long sleeves and a sun hat. The bicycling ride is about 80 -120 minutes each way. The terrain is easy with small hills, dirt roads and can sometimes be muddy.It is the guests’ own responsibility to check bicycle in advance and let the guide know if anything should be fixed prior to leaving Lethem. If the guests do not accept the offer of wearing a helmet a paper needs to be signed prior to tour. This will release company for liability.The ability to bicycle trouble free is a must to participate in this tour.

$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Horseback Riding in Lethem Savanna

Early in the morning will we go to the Rodeo ground just outside of Lethem. Here the horses will be ready to start the day. Before mounting the horses we will talk about horses and the many interesting facts about their life in the Rupununi. Depending on the riding level of the guest, we will test the horses in the soft sand in the arena and let them get use to the person riding them. Then we set of on the savanna. Slowly we will move away from Lethem and out on the Savanna. We will cross small creeks and ride in towards the Kanuku Mountains. At a suited place we will stop and tie the horses to do some grassing while we sit down in the shade of a tree and make a small fire where we can boil water for coffee and tea. There will be plenty of chances of getting pictures of the beautiful scenery, parrots in the palms and other birds around the creeks. Depending on where we are at which time, there is even a chance of spotting Giant Ant eaters. The biggest of its kind in the whole world. Going back towards Lethem there will be a chance to take a dip in the refreshing water in the creek. We let the horses come in the water and train a little swimming if the water is high enough. After this we move home towards the city once again. We will ride in to Lethem to drop the guests of at the hotel or another suited location. After this, the tour ends.Please note: The sun is likely be very hot and we therefore advice that you where sun screen. Even if you normally would go without. Wear long sleeved shirt and jeans to protect against biting insects and scratches and blisters from riding equipment.Helmet is optional but will be offered. If a guest does not accept this offer they have to sign a document saying they understand the risk of riding without.Horses are animals and all riding is at own risk. We have good and predictable tourist horses but horseback riding as an activity always comes at a risk.Participants do not need to have prior experience with riding but it is an advantage. Every tour will be created to suit the guest. If we at any time feel that the activity is hazardous and the guest cannot control the horse. We reserve the right to terminate the tour without giving refunds back.