Dangers & Annoyances

Although Georgetown has more crime than other cities in the Guianas, you can safely explore the city by using a good dose of precaution: be aware of your surroundings, don't wear jewelry, carry more cash than you need or use your phone when walking. Also, you should avoid deserted streets, especially on the weekends, and use taxis, which are inexpensive, to get around in at night.

Internet Access

Wi-fi, which varies enormously in speed and reliability, is widely available and free at all hotels and most restaurants.


Scotiabank The most reliable bank; accepts international ATM cards and processes credit-card advances.


Post Office This central postal hub can be hectic. Don't use the local postal service to send anything important or valuable.


Mobile Phones

A SIM card with Digicel or GT&T (Guyana's two mobile carriers) costs G$1000, and minutes cost from G$10. Bring your passport.

Tourist Information

Tourism & Hospitality Association of Guyana Publishes the useful Explore Guyana guide and has maps and pamphlets.