Guyanese dollar (G$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than G$30,000

  • Budget hotel room G$6000
  • Minibus from Georgetown to Lethem G$10,000-14,000
  • Banks beer G$350
  • Street snack G$200

Midrange: G$30,000–60,000

  • Double room in a midrange hotel G$10,000
  • Day trip to Kaieteur Falls G$35,000
  • Taxi ride in Georgetown G$400
  • Meal in a midrange restaurant G$2000

Top end: More than G$60,000

  • Double room in a top-end hotel G$30,000
  • Flight Georgetown–Lethem G$30,000
  • Three meals at an eco-lodge G$5000
  • Taxi from airport to downtown Georgetown G$5000


Bargaining is not customary at shops in Guyana but may be undertaken at markets and street stalls.


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