Food & Drink

  • Pepper pot A savory Amerindian game-and-cassava stew
  • Cook-up rice Beans and rice mixed with whatever else happens to be on hand
  • Farine Tasty cassava meal served as an accompaniment like rice
  • Bake and saltfish Fried bread and salted cod
  • El Dorado rum The 15-year-old drop is considered one of the world's best rums, but most people settle for the less expensive, but undeniably good five-year-old variety
  • Roti Soft Indian flatbread, usually wrapped around a curry concoction of meat or vegetables
  • Cow heel soup A very popular savory Caribbean soup made with split peas, vegetables, dumplings and cow heels
  • Banks beer Brewed in Georgetown; comes in both regular and premium versions, both of which are delicious