Top Choice Waterfall in Kaieteur National Park

Kaieteur Falls

You may have been to Salto Ángel or Iguazú Falls, seen Niagara or not even be particularly interested in waterfalls, but it doesn't matter: go to Kaieteur Falls. Watching 30,000 gallons of water shooting over a 250m…
Museum in Georgetown

National Museum

An old-fashioned institution documenting the nation's cultural, social and political history via some odd artifacts and very old stuffed critters.
Library in Georgetown

National Library

Andrew Carnegie built the National Library in 1909. Go inside to find a collection of old books.
Museum in Georgetown

Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology

A small museum in a breezy old building with lots of Amerindian items from Guyana's nine tribes.
Museum in Georgetown

Roy Geddes Steel Pan Museum

Worth the short ride away from the center, the Roy Geddes Steel Pan Museum displays the history and fabrication of the steel pan and has recordings of its hypnotic music. The internationally known pioneer of steel p…
Zoo in Georgetown

Botanical Gardens Zoo

Museum in Northwest Coast

Guyana Heritage Museum and Toucan Inn

Museum in Georgetown

Castellani House

This gorgeous wooden building erected in 1877 is home to the National Art Gallery and rotating art exhibits, many by local artists.
Distillery in Guyana

Demerara Distillers

One-hour tours take you through the distillery – where you'll see the last operating wooden coffey still in the world – warehouse, heritage center and gift shop.
Gardens in Georgetown

Botanical Gardens

Many bird-watching groups visit Georgetown's botanical gardens as an introduction to Guyana's birdlife. The gardens' zoo has a diminishing collection of creatures kept in troublingly small and neglected cages.