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Top Tips

  • Don't miss Kaieteur Falls, the country's undoubted highlight, and consider staying overnight there; a real adventure that allows you to have this magical place all to yourself once all the groups have departed.
  • If you plan to travel the Rupununi on the back of a motorbike, be sure to make arrangements to find a driver in good time. Reliable and safe drivers are few and far between. Also, pack light.
  • Even though you can use ATMs in most towns now, never rely on being able to do so and carry a good supply of cash if possible. Most of the more remote jungle lodges are seriously far away from working ATMs.

What to Take

  • American-style, two flat-prong electrical adapters.
  • Waterproof clothing and an umbrella.
  • A small backpack you can travel into the interior with, while leaving your main bag in Georgetown.
  • Sturdy shoes that can get wet and muddy – walking sandals are ideal.

What to Wear

Guyana is a pleasantly informal country, although you'll find that many people dress up on Sundays and at smarter bars and restaurants in Georgetown you might feel out of place in shorts and a T-shirt. Business travelers will need to dress appropriately. Elsewhere in the country, however, dress for comfort. Long sleeves and trousers are a good idea in areas where there are lots of mosquitoes, as is waterproof gear almost anywhere – when it rains, it really rains. Otherwise, shorts, T-shirts, flip-flops and a cap or sun hat are great options.

Pre-Departure Checklist

  • Ensure you have a yellow-fever vaccination card to show on arrival.
  • Contact lodges and ranches well in advance to arrange accommodation and transfers.
  • Check airline baggage restrictions, especially given the smaller limits you'll have on domestic flights to Guyana's interior.