Guinea in detail

Guinea is known for


Guinea is one of the best countries in West Africa for spotting primates, which range from little vervet monkeys to powerful chimpanzees. Facilities for seeing them are still in their infancy.

Centre de Conservation pour Chimpanzés Learn about chimpanzee reintroduction.

Bossou Get closer than you ever thought you would to a wild chimpanzee in the forests of Bossou.

La Dame de Mali Scan the rock face for groups of baboons.

Fouta Trekking Spend three days camping in the forest trying to catch site of an elusive chimp.


When a country is as scenically blessed as Guinea, it's no surprise to learn that there are some stunning viewpoints here.

La Dame de Mali Wave at people in Senegal far, far below.

Dalaba Watch the sun sink into the horizon from the escarpment edge.

Îles de Los Enjoy the vista from your beachside hammock.

Mt Nimba Peer out across the jungles from the summit of Guinea (if you can get there).

Doucki Take in the scenery of Guinea's own 'Grand Canyon'.


If there's one thing Guinea does well, it's waterfalls. They come in all sizes and types here: from wee trickles to thundering cascades.

Chutes de Ditinn The most impressive of all Guinean waterfalls sends waves of water tumbling off a cliff.

Chutes de Saala Plunge into the pools at the base of these falls.

Chutes de Kambadaga Count the waterfalls at these pretty multi-tiered falls.

Pont de Dieu Stand on this natural rock bridge and watch the water splash away.


Guinea has a rich artistic culture, best expressed in its masks, dances and music.

Musée National Learn about the magic behind the statues and masks at the National Museum.

Centre d'Art Acrobatique Keita Fodeba Guinea's outstanding contribution to the worlds artistic expression: the contortionists and acrobats of this renowned centre.

Centre d'Exposition Artisanal de N'zérékoré Watch master crafters and artisans at work in this super handicraft centre.

Centre Culturel Franco-Guinéen Catch a local band, art exhibition or dance performance at this exciting cultural venue.