Labé attractions

Waterfall in Labé

Chutes de Saala

One of the most enjoyable excursions from Labé is to the impressive Chutes de Saala, where water cascades down a series of step-like falls in a pretty forest location. The falls are just outside the village of Diari…
Arts Centre in Labé

Maison des Artisans

An interesting place to both buy and watch locally made crafts such as indigo cloth and leather sandals is at the Maison des Artisans. The staff will happily tell you all about the role of different crafts in the Fo…
Museum in Labé

Petit Musée du Fouta Djallon

The Petit Musée du Fouta Djallon is a quiet spot, where you learn about the region's unique Fula culture. Many of the items are displayed in small tableaux, which makes it all a bit more interesting. If the museum i…
Market in Labé

Marché Central

The bustling central market is worth a poke about. Among the piles of tomatoes, rice and random bits of meat you might find bottles of cure-all traditional medicine and even potions to keep away evil spirits.