Top Choice Taxi in Mamou

Conakry Gare Routière

Taxis to Conakry (GFr63,000; eight hours) go from a parking area just to the west of the town centre.
Taxi in Mamou

Gare Routière

Bush taxis go from the main bus station at the northern end of town to:Dalaba (GFr20,000; 1½ hours), Dabola (GFr45,000; 2½ hours), Faranah (GFr60,000; 2½ hours), Kankan (GFr110,000; 5 hours), Kindia (GFr37,000; two …
Bus Station in Labé

Gare Routière Daka

Labé is an important transport junction. Bush taxis go from the Gare Routière Daka which is 2km north of the town centre. Share taxis (GFr2500) head there from near the mosque in the town centre.