Conakry in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

Incidents of military aggression and extortion are much rarer than in years past, but they do still happen. Always carry your passport and vaccination certificates with you, especially if you're out on the town after 11pm – gendarmerie (police) checkpoints are set up at Pont du 8 Novembre and near the UK embassy (Résidence 2000), and you will usually have to show your papers at night. If everything is in order, you shouldn't have to pay any 'fines', though you might have to discuss this a little with the often intimidating soldiers.

Plenty of pickpockets roam Marché Madina, Marché Niger and Ave de la République.

Internet Access

Pretty much every mid and top end hotel in Conakry offers wi-fi. Internet cafes aren't all that common, though. Internet speeds in the city can vary depending on the time of day; early evening seems to be a particularly slow time to be online.


Bicigui This main bank branch claims to change travellers cheques, but doesn't always do so. The 24-hour ATM takes Visa and Mastercard.


ATMs at most bigger banks accept international Visa and Mastercards but most machines have a very low per-transaction limit – anything from GFr400,000 to GFr800,000

Changing Money

Most visitors bring cash in Euros (US dollars and CFA are also normally accepted; avoid UK pounds or any other currency) and change money quickly and easily on the street. Street changers line Ave de la République and areas around the airport. Be watchful for scammers if changing money on the street.


Almost everyone and every business in Conakry uses a mobile phone rather than relying on the antiquated and virtually non-existent land line service.

Tourist Information

There's no tourist information office and few other sources of tourist information. You could try asking at some of the handful of travel agencies, but in reality they tend to focus only on flight ticket sales and have next to no information on up-country travel.

Travel Agencies

There are a couple of travel agencies in Conakry but their focus is more on selling plane tickets in and out of the country rather than organising tours.