Museum in Conakry

Musée National

Musée National is the country's largest collection of masks, statues and musical instruments. It's modest, but interesting. Woodcarvers and drum-makers ply their trades on the museum grounds.
Art in Conakry

Oppo Atelier

Oppo Atelier is an association of welders that makes funky sculptures from scrap metal near the Palais du Peuple. You can watch the statues, large and small, being made and if you bring a picture they will do custom…
Gardens in Conakry

Botanical Garden

Surrounding the Direction Nationale des Forêts et de la Faune, the Botanical Garden is the coolest place in the city, though not the cleanest.
Religious Site in Conakry

Grande Mosquée

Financed primarily by Saudi Arabia and inaugurated in 1984, the impressive Grande Mosquée has an inner hall capable of accommodating 10,000 worshippers. Although visitors are not usually allowed inside, you can…
Gardens in Conakry

Jardin 2 Octobre

Many families gather in Jardin 2 Octobre on weekends.
Palace in Conakry

Palais des Nations

Intended to be the venue for the Organisation of African Unity conference in 1984, which was cancelled when Sekou Touré died, the grand Palais des Nations served as the president's office until being destroyed …