Guinea in detail

Money and Costs


Guinean franc (GFr)


For most transactions bargaining is not expected. Exceptions to this are any form of carving or art produced and sold by the handful of tourist-oriented craft shops. If renting a car, boat or other form of transport you should bargain, but expect the original asking price to be close to the final figure.


  • The unit of currency is the Guinea franc (GFr) and it seems to be in a slow but permanent slide against major international currencies.
  • The banking system in Guinea has improved recently and some major towns now have ATMs that work with international Visa and Mastercard (the latter though is less likely to be accepted). Most ATMs, however, only allow a very small amount to be withdrawn with each transaction.
  • Most travellers continue to bring all the money they might need with them in cash (euros are best, followed by US dollars).
  • You can change money inside a bank, with moneychangers on the street in Conakry, or with hotels. There isn't a black market as such, as street moneychangers offer the same rates as banks.
  • Guinea is a cash economy. Only the major five-star hotels in Conakry and international airline offices will accept plastic.
  • Forget travellers cheques.

Exchange Rates

Euro zone€1GFr9954
New ZealandNZ$1GFr6310
West Africa CFACFA1000GFr15,000


Restaurants In the best restaurants in Conakry a 10% tip is normal. Elsewhere tipping is not expected.

Tourist guides and drivers A tip is expected. If you hired a guide or driver for a week expect to tip the equivalent of one extra day's work.

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than GFr250,000

  • Cheap hotel: GFr100,000
  • Rice and sauce on street: GFr20,000
  • Bush taxi Conakry to Labé: GFr100,000

Midrange: GFr250,000-750,000

  • Midrange hotel in Conakry: GFr700,000
  • Midrange hotel in countryside: GFr250,000
  • Pizza: GFr80,000
  • Trekking guide per day GFr70,000-200,000

Top End: More than Gfr1,500,000

  • Hotel in Conakry: GFr1,200,000
  • 3-course meal in Conakry GFr150,000
  • 4WD rental GFr1,000,000+