Guinea-Bissau in detail

Guinea-Bissau is known for


Ilha de Rubane Fronted by an equally beautiful resort is this long stretch of white sand.

Varela Wide and beautiful with few visitors – some days you can see all the way to Senegal.

Ilha de Orango This remote stretch of sand is long and windswept.

Praia Bruce The waters of Ilha de Bubaque's best beach can be as calm as a bath.

Wildlife Viewing

Parque Nacional Marinho de João Vieira e Poilão Watch sea turtles laying eggs on the shore of the beautiful Ilha de Poilão.

Parque Natural de Cantanhez Thick rainforest conceals chimpanzees, elephants, buffaloes and more.

Parque Natural de las Lagunas de Cufada Tranquil wetlands, ideal for birding and views.

Parque Nacional das Ilhas de Orango Rare saltwater hippos show themselves in this park's inland lagoon.

Historical Ruins

Bolama Largely abandoned and forgotten, this former colonial capital is being reclaimed by lush vegetation.

Bissau Velho Narrow streets with colonial-era buildings by the port in the country's capital.

Cacheu The town's fort, since reconstructed, dates to the 16th century and its cannons helped repulse Sir Francis Drake.

Bubaque town Glimpsing yesteryear while walking the shoreline past grand vine-strewn ruins.

Outdoor Activities

Rio Corubal Taking a week-long fishing safari on this remote river.

Arquipélago dos Bijagós Sport-fishing capital of the country, from the beach or boat.

Parque Natural de Cantanhez Exploring trails through some of the country's last old-stand forest.

Buba Pirogue trips through nearby mangroves.