Guinea-Bissau in detail


Seafood is the highlight. It includes shrimp, oysters and meaty bica (sea bream), best served sautéed with onion and lime. A national favourite is chabeu: deep-fried fish served in a thick palm-oil sauce. An abundance of seasonal fruit means diets change practically every three months.

Street food includes brochettes (small pieces of beef, sheep or goat meat skewered and grilled over a fire) or lumps of roast meat.


bâton de manioc – yucca fries

bica – type of fish grilled and seasoned with onion, lemon and chilli

cafriela – grilled chicken or lamb with onion, lemon and chilli

calderaida – thick stew, usually with meat base

chabeu – broth made with meat or fish and okra and palm oil

jollof – rice with tomatoes and spices

mancarra – peanuts, often refers to a broth

siga – onion, okra and chilli with seafood or meat