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Trek Racha Mountains: Explore Caucasus

Day 1: Tbilisi-Shaori-Shovi   Driving Distance 340 km, Hours 7 Hours In the morning, we will depart for the mountainous region – Racha. We stop at Shaori reservoir and Nikortsminda Church. Afterward, we will travel to Khvanchkara village where we taste the famous wine of Racha – Khvanchkara wine factory. Day 2: Shovi – Buba Glacier-Shovi Walking Distance 12 km, Duration 6 hours,  1010 m Up & 1010 DownWe start trekking to Buba glacier and you enjoy an impressive panorama on the Buba Glacier and its vicinity.  Day 3: Shovi – Udziro Lake Walking distance 11 km,  Duration 9 Hours,  Starting elevation 1346 m, maximum 3077 This day we hike through a forest &  alpine meadows of the picturesque Chkauri valley. we hike up Geske pass (3076m) from where you can see Udziro lake and surrounding mountain Katitsvera. We descend towards the lake and overnight on the banks of the lake. Overnight in tents. Day 4: Udziro Lake – Glola Walking Distance 8 km, Duration 6 hours, Starting elevation 2800, Ending elevation 1330 m In the morning, we descend towards the Glola village. At first, we walk into the alpine meadows but then descend into the forest. The trail is quite steep and requires several hours to reach Glola village.  Day 5: Glola – Notsara Valley Walking Distance 10 km, Duration 7 hours, Starting Elevation 1250, maximum elevation 2280In the morning we start another marvelous hike. Spectacular views over glaciers, passes, and Greater Caucasus Mountain range  - This everything you can enjoy yourself. We camp in the open, wild nature.  Day 6: Notsara Valley – Ghebi Village Walking Distance 16 km, Duration 8 hours, Starting Elevation 1920, ending elevation 1246 This day we will hike to one of the most spectacular village – Ghebi.  On the way, we cross Notsara mountain and descend into Ghebi village. Day 7: Ghebi-Gona-Lagura Huts-Ghebi Walking Distance 14 km, starting elevation 1284 m, maximum elevation 2000m We are hiking towards Shoda-Kedela mountain range. We reach Gona vilalge and Lagura huts. Panoramic views of Greater Caucasus Mountains, glaciers, and snow-peaked mountains are highlights of this day.Day 8: Ghebi – Oni-Tbilisi Driving Distance 310 km, Duration 7 hours n the morning, we start our final steps of Racha adventure. We travel from Ghebi village to Oni where we will have a lunch. Afterward, we travel back to Tbilisi or Kutaisi.