Top things to do

Performing Arts in Bissau

Centre Culturel Franco-Bissao-Guinéen

This bright, modern centre houses a library/workspace, an art gallery, a performance space and a small cafe. There are regular performances by dance and theatre groups and the centre hosts film screenings. The cafe …
French in Bissau

O Bistro

This Belgian-owned spot has all the right ingredients: excellent, reasonably priced mains including fresh catches, sautéed vegetables and crepes au chocolat, friendly service, a well-stocked bar and a warm ambience …
Club in Bissau

Bambu 2000

On weekends, this more rustic locale overflows with locals willing to drop a few thousand CFA to dance till dawn.
Club in Bissau

X Club

At X (pronounced 'sheesh') Club, join the odd assembly of hard-working UN staff, shady businessmen and sparkling party folk on their glitzy trip through the night.
Palace in Bissau

Former Presidential Palace

The former presidential palace dominates Praça dos Heróis Nacionais at the northern end of Av Amílcar Cabral. Following roof and window damage ensued during the civil war, renovations will put a new spin on its once…
Fortress in Bissau

Fortaleza d'Amura

Surrounded by imposing stone walls, this fort is used by the Guinean military and strictly off-limits to visitors. Exercise caution when walking past the fort, and the area close to the port, after dark.
Shopping Centre in Bissau

Centro Artistico Juvenil

Not only a great place to shop (prices are actually marked and there is no pressure to buy!), this is also a fine introduction to the arts and crafts of the Guinea-Bissau's many ethnicities. Purchases help young tra…
African in Bissau

Restaurant Samaritana

It's made from a cut-out container and buzzes with Guineans of all ranks and incomes eager to sample Mamadou's reliably delicious meals.
Mosque in Bissau


Church in Bissau