Bissau restaurants

International in Bissau

Papa Loca

Fittingly, for a restaurant with hodgepodge decor, Papa Loca's large (and physically heavy) menu ranges far and wide: from omelettes and large thin-crust pizzas to regional specialities, to gelato for dessert. Slow …
French in Bissau

O Bistro

This Belgian-owned spot has all the right ingredients: excellent, reasonably priced mains, including good pasta, fresh catches, sautéed vegetables and crepes au chocolat; friendly service; a well-stocked bar; and a …
European in Bissau

Dom Bifana

Adjacent to Bissau's parliament building, this classy restaurant serves up more than just bifanas (Portuguese sandwiches). Expats and parliamentarians come for steak, finely grilled shrimp and divine desserts. It ha…
Portuguese in Bissau

Adega do Loureiro

This old-style Portuguese restaurant a short walk from Praça Ché Guevara is a great place to down carafes of red wine. The bacalau (salted flakes of cod) is salty and succulent, the pork chops are flavoursome and th…
International in Bissau

Kalliste Restaurant

Hotel Kalliste's crumbling poplant-lined courtyard buzzes at night, attracting everyone from tired UN lawyers to politicians, activists, international volunteers and mosquitoes. There's live music most evenings. The…
International in Bissau

Império Hotel Fast Food

There's no better meeting place than this casual eatery with alfresco dining on the city's central roundabout. Hamburgers, sandwiches, pizza and the like are served up quickly, as is a good selection of pastries and…
Portuguese in Bissau

La Padari Africana

Like most restaurants in the city, it doesn't look like much from the outside, and service is slow. However, the fish and beef brochets can be recommended. It's next to the old football stadium, Estádio Lino Correia…
Portuguese in Bissau

Almagui Restaurante

The Portuguese owner has created a relatively serene space, far from the centre on the way out to the airport. Food quality tends to vary. Popular with meetings and parties, so not always open to the public.
African in Bissau

Restaurant Samaritana

It's made from a cut-out container and buzzes with Guineans of all ranks and incomes, all eager to sample Mamadou's reliably delicious meals.
Lebanese in Bissau

Ali Baba Restaurant

No-frills place open to the street that serves up grilled meat quickly.