Sendero Ecológico El Aprisco

Hiking in Totonicapán

Encompassing some 13 hectares of old-growth forest northeast of Totonicapán, this eco-reserve makes for some delightful hiking. Well-marked trails traverse the community-run site, domain of the endangered pinabete tree and 29 endemic bird species, such as the amethyst-throated hummingbird and plumed quetzalillo. For overnight stays, there are adobe cabins with fireplaces, bunk beds and straw bedding, and meals are prepared.

El Aprisco is 5km up the Santa Cruz del Quiché road from Toto; microbuses bound for El Quiché can drop you at the entrance in about 20 minutes. Alternatively, Altiplano's in Xela can organize early-morning birdwatching expeditions to the reserve.