Mam Trekking

Hiking in Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Knowledgeable, English-speaking todosantero Rigoberto Pablo Cruz leads walks around the Parque Regional Todos Santos Cuchumatán, including a climb to the peak of La Torre, followed by a descent to La Maceta. In addition, Rigoberto leads walks to Tzunul, a community where men weave women's cortes on a loom and women weave men's shirt collars by hand.

Mam also offers the chance to relax in a traditional Maya chuj, a welcome option in Todos Santos' chilly climate. A chuj is a small adobe building with wooden boards covering the entrance. A wood fire burns in a stone hearth within, and water is sprinkled on the stones to provide steam.

Rigo also leads three- and four-day hikes to Nebaj (per person from Q700, with a minimum of two).