Western Highlands drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Pub in Quetzaltenango

Salón Tecún

On the plaza end of the elegant Pasaje Enríquez, alive day and night with a healthy mix of Guatemalans and foreigners quaffing Cabro by the liter, the Tecún claims to be the country's longest-running bar (since 1935…
Top Choice Cafe in Quetzaltenango

Café La Luna

For chocolate aficionados, this is a shrine. Made from scratch on the premises, the chocolate is velvety smooth and served in a variety of beverages: the chocolate cappuccino is especially good. Groups of friends ga…
Cafe in Huehuetenango

Café Museo

This 'museum' serves some of Huehue's best coffee, and that's saying something. More than just a place to get a well-prepared cup, it also provides some background on this bewitching bean that has so influenced Guat…
Cafe in Quetzaltenango

El Cuartito

This offbeat cafe-bar is a point of reference for travelers and language students, with quirky decor and art installations. It serves a good range of breakfasts, vegetarian snacks, herbal teas and organic coffee jus…
Bar in Huehuetenango

Café D'Carlo

Opposite the Royal Park Hotel, this upper-level, open-air lounge has a friendly, relaxed vibe and a terrace/counter facing the street, a good spot for snacks and a bucket of chilled Gallos. Friday and Saturday night…
Pub in Quetzaltenango

Pool & Beer

There's no mistaking what's on offer at this refreshingly unfashionable spot. The pool tables are worn and the cues crooked, but this ramshackle clubhouse remains a friendly place. As the evening proceeds, the DJ ge…
Cafe in Quetzaltenango

Café El Balcón del Enríquez

With specially designed viewing counters overlooking the Parque Centro América, this lively cafe-bar on the upper level of the Pasaje Enríquez makes a nice perch for morning espresso or evening cocktails; great terr…
Pub in Quetzaltenango

King & Queen

This tiny pub packs in a mixed crowd, so count on a bilingual evening. Whether there's live music, a heated trivia quiz (Tuesday) or karaoke (Thursday), the giant cards on the wall take it all in.
Pub in Quetzaltenango

Student Pub

The apt name of this split-level corner joint might describe any of the beer-guzzling, sports-viewing establishments along the south side of the Pasaje Enríquez. DJs spin the hottest and loudest Latin hits on the we…