Museum in Quetzaltenango

Museo de Historia Natural

The natural history museum holds a hodgepodge of Maya artifacts, vintage photos, dried leaves, old coins, marimbas, sports trophies, stuffed mammals and birds, all displayed in cases reminiscent of elementary school…
Zoo in Quetzaltenango

Parque Zoológico Minerva

About 2km northwest of Parque Centro América is this zoo/city park with spider monkeys, coyotes, turtles, gray foxes and numerous tropical birds, plus a few rides for children. The entrance is around the corner from…
Museum in Quetzaltenango

Museo Ixkik'

This museum is devoted to Maya weaving, with traditional outfits arranged by region. Director Raquel García is an expert on the symbols and meanings of indigenous clothing and provides interesting commentary.
Museum in Quetzaltenango

Museo de Arte

An interesting if chaotic collection of some 400 paintings by Guatemala's leading modernists is exhibited here, including works by Efraín Recinos, Jorge Mazariegos and the landscape artist José Luis Álvarez. Most pr…
Museum in Quetzaltenango

Museo del Ferrocarril de los Altos

This museum covers the ambitious rail project that connected Quetzaltenango to the Pacific coast but operated for just three years, from 1930 to 1933. Though the exhibit is woefully neglected, there's still plenty t…
Museum in Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Museo Balam

Todos Santos' museum is in a two-story house along a side street one block east of the plaza. The collection of outfits and masks, traditional kitchen implements, archaeological finds and musical instruments comes t…
Archaeological Site in Huehuetenango


A remnant of the Mam capital, the Zaculeu archaeological zone was restored by the United Fruit Company in the 1940s, leaving its pyramids, ball courts and ceremonial platforms covered by a thick coat of graying plas…
Cathedral in Quetzaltenango


The ornately carved facade of the Iglesia del Espíritu Santo marks the site of the original 1532 construction, which was pulverized by the quakes of 1853 and 1902. The modern Metropolitan Cathedral behind it was fi…
Historic Building in Quetzaltenango


The Municipalidad, at the northeastern end of the park, was rebuilt after the 1902 earthquake in the grandiose neoclassical style so favored as a symbol of culture and refinement in this wild mountain country. Step …
Plaza in Quetzaltenango

Parque Centro América

Most of Xela's sights crowd in and around the broad central plaza. The original version, designed by Italian architect Alberto Porta in the 1800s, comprised two separate parks; these were combined in a 1930s update …