The archaeological site is at the center of the 550-sq-km Parque Nacional Tikal. The road from Flores enters the park 19km south of the ruins. From the parking lot at the site, it's a short walk back to the junction where there's an information kiosk. Immediately south of this junction, a visitors center sells books, maps, souvenirs, hats, insect repellent, sun block and other necessities; it also houses a restaurant and museum. Near the visitors center are Tikal's hotels, a campground, a few small comedores and a modern research center containing a second museum.

It's a five-minute walk from the ticket control booth to the entry gate. Just beyond, there's a large map posted. From here, it's a 1.5km walk (20 minutes) southwest to the Gran Plaza. From the Gran Plaza west to Templo IV, it's more than 600m.