Quetzal (Q)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than Q400

  • Dorm bed: Q60–100
  • Budget hotel double room: Q130–200
  • Set meal in a comedor (cheap eatery): Q30–45
  • Three-hour 'chicken-bus' ride: Q20

Midrange: Q400–Q1000

  • Hotel double room: Q200–550
  • À la carte meal in a local restaurant: Q100–130
  • Archaeological site admission: Q50–150
  • Three-hour shuttle-bus ride: Q150

Top end: More than Q1000

  • Superior hotel double room: Q550 or more
  • Meal in an elegant restaurant: Q150 or more
  • Guide at archaeological site: up to Q450
  • 4WD car-hire per day: Q650


Haggling is pretty much a national pastime in Guatemala. Treat it as a game, and if you feel you’re getting ripped off, just walk away. Don't haggle in small stores and restaurants; always haggle in markets and with taxi drivers.


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