Art in Antigua

Centro de Arte Popular

Inside the Casa Antigua El Jaulón, a courtyard shopping arcade, this shop/museum displays Tz'utujil oil paintings, cedar figurines, masks and other crafts. The art is thematically arranged to illustrate the various …
Arts & Crafts in Antigua

Mercado de Artesanías

Masses of Guatemalan handicrafts fill the stalls of this building at the west end of town just below the main market. While not at the top end of the quality range, it has a variety of colorful masks, blankets, jewe…
Arts & Crafts in Antigua

Nim Po't

This sprawling hall boasts a huge collection of Maya clothing, as well as hundreds of masks, wood carvings, kites, paintings, refrigerator magnets and assorted Maximón figurines. The huipiles, cortes, fajas and othe…
Arts & Crafts in Flores & Santa Elena

Castillo de Arizmendi

A monument to Martín de Ursúa Arizmendi y Aguirre, who snatched the island from the Maya in 1697, the castle on the main plaza's north side houses a series of shops with local handicrafts, particularly tropical hard…
Arts & Crafts in Nebaj

Mercado de Artesanías

The numerous vendor stalls here offer well-made rebozos, cintas (the pom-pommed braid woven into Ixil women's hair) and huipiles, which can cost anywhere from Q300 to Q5000, depending on quality.
Arts & Crafts in Antigua

Mercado del Carmen

Next to the ruins of the Iglesia El Carmen, this market is a good place to browse for textiles, pottery and jade, particularly on weekends, when activity spills out onto 3a Av Norte.