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Top Choice Religious Site in Santiago Atitlán

Cofradía Maximón

Maximón is a traditional Maya deity who resides in Santiago Atitlán. He appears as a life-sized but broken-legged effigy in a hat, dark suit and glasses, surrounded by candles, flowers and the scent of burning incen…
Museum in Santiago Atitlán

Cojolya Association of Maya Women Weavers

This small museum and showroom is devoted to the art of backstrap loom weaving. Well-designed exhibits show the history of the craft and the process from spinning the cotton fibers to the finished textile. There's a…
Guatemalan in Santiago Atitlán

Comedor Santa Rita

The latest incarnation of a generations-old dining hall, this is a good place to try such Maya specialties as pulique (a veggie-rich stew) and patín (an Atitlan fish stew) served with a stack of tortillas. Half a bl…
Church in Santiago Atitlán

Iglesia Parroquial Santiago Apóstol

The formidable parish church was built by the Franciscans in the mid-16th century. A memorial plaque just inside the entrance on your right commemorates Father Stanley Francis Rother, a missionary priest from Oklaho…
Guatemalan in Santiago Atitlán

Restaurant El Gran Sol

One block up from the dock on the left, this highly popular family-run establishment is a great bet for breakfast, lunch or snacks, with a spiffy kitchen and breezy deck over a busy junction. Thelma and clan love to…
Pub in Santiago Atitlán

Café Quila's

Quila's is a casual gathering place where expats and lake dwellers can bond over sports TV or ping-pong. Good burgers and other bar food is served in the cozy front lounge or rear patio with a mural of Santiago. Com…
Memorial in Santiago Atitlán

Parque de Paz

During the civil war, Santiago became the first village in the country to succeed in expelling the army, following a notorious massacre of 13 villagers on December 2, 1990. The site of this massacre, where troops we…
Plaza in Santiago Atitlán

Parque Central

Here you’ll find a stone monument that commemorates Concepción Ramírez, the woman on the back of the 25 centavo coin, and a basin that contains a relief version of the lake.