Rupalaj K'istalin

Tours in San Juan La Laguna

The association offers a worthwhile tour of San Juan La Laguna's points of interest, led by indigenous guides (Q110 per person), in Spanish. You'll visit two weaving cooperatives, both of which use dyes from native plants, and an art studio/gallery featuring the Tz'utujil primitivist painting style. The office is a short walk up the hill from the dock.

Other tours offered include trips with local fishers in rustic cayucos to learn about traditional lake fishing techniques and a demonstration of the harvesting of the lakeshore reeds, which are used as material for petates, the woven mats the town is known for.

The association can also set up guides for one-way walks to San Marcos La Laguna, returning by lancha, and hikes up Rupalaj K'istalin, the mountain that towers above San Juan and is the site of Maya religious rituals.