Archaeological Site in Parque Arqueológico Takalik Abaj

Parque Arqueológico Takalik Abaj

This 6.5-sq-km archaeological site spreads over nine natural terraces. The rainforest-like grounds boast temple mounds, ball courts and flights of steps paved with rounded river stones, along with an impressive numb…
Ruins in Retalhuleu

Abandoned Train Station

In the early 20th century, Retalhuleu was an important way station for cotton, coffee and sugar exports to the port at Champerico. The trains have long since stopped running, but this abandoned station, with its rus…
Museum in Retalhuleu

Museo de Arqueología y Etnología

Retalhuleu has a small museum of archaeological relics from local Mayan sites, as well as an interesting collection of historic photos showing the town in its heyday. The mural of the 33 archaeological sites in Reta…
Church in Retalhuleu


Retalhuleu's church occupies pride of place in the middle of the plaza, and is a useful landmark to orient yourself by.