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Getting There & Away

Buses running Guatemala City–Puerto Barrios, Guatemala City–Flores, Esquipulas–Flores or Chiquimula–Flores will drop you off or pick you up here. If you're heading for the hotel, make sure you get dropped at the pasarela de Quiriguá (the pedestrian overpass). Buses will also drop you at the turnoff to the archaeological site if you ask.

From the highway it's 3.4km to the archaeological site – Q5 to Q10 by tuk-tuk (three-wheeled motor taxi), but if one doesn't come, don't fret: it's a pleasant walk (without luggage) through banana plantations to get there.

If you're staying in Quiriguá village or Los Amates and walking to the archaeological site, you can take a shortcut along the railroad that goes from the village through the banana fields, crossing the access road very near the entrance to the archaeological site. A tuk-tuk from Quiriguá village to the site should cost around Q20.

Out on the main highway buses pass frequently for Río Dulce (Q35, two hours), Chiquimula (Q35, two hours) and Puerto Barrios (Q25).