Books in Quetzaltenango

North & South Bookstore

Broad selection of titles on Latin America, politics, poetry and history. Also plenty of new and used travel guidebooks and Spanish student resources. All this, plus bagels and coffee.
Arts & Crafts in Quetzaltenango


The fashion outlet for the women's empowerment association AMA (highland women's association), Pixan sells quality textiles and clothing produced by Maya weavers in collaboration with designers from London, New York…
Shopping Center in Quetzaltenango

Pasaje Enríquez

On the west side of the park, Pasaje Enríquez is an imposing arcade patterned after a structure in Florence, Italy, housing an assortment of travel agencies, language institutes, cafes and one major bar.
Books in Quetzaltenango

Vrisa Books

This secondhand bookstore stocks over 4000 titles in English and will trade used books.
Market in Quetzaltenango

Mercado La Democracia

For a more intense, everyday marketing experience, hit the Mercado La Democracia, about 10 blocks north of Parque Centro América in Zona 3, with food, clothing, CDs and other necessities for city dweller and village…
Market in Quetzaltenango

Mercado La Terminal

The sprawling market immediately south of the main bus terminal is an endless labyrinth of stalls piled high with produce echoing with the cries of hawkers and the music of wandering minstrels.
Market in Quetzaltenango

Central Market

Xela's central market is three floors of reasonably priced handicrafts and souvenirs. Bargain hard.