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Top Choice Guatemalan in Huehuetenango

La Tinaja

As much a cultural center as a cafe, the home of historian/gourmand Rolando Gutiérrez has an interesting library and a collection of old clocks, radios and namesake tinajas (urns), all displayed in a series of invit…
Cafe in Huehuetenango

Café Museo

This 'museum' serves some of Huehue's best coffee, and that's saying something. More than just a place to get a well-prepared cup, it also provides some background on this bewitching bean that has so influenced Guat…
Archaeological Site in Huehuetenango


A remnant of the Mam capital, the Zaculeu archaeological zone was restored by the United Fruit Company in the 1940s, leaving its pyramids, ball courts and ceremonial platforms covered by a thick coat of graying plas…
Guatemalan in Huehuetenango

Cafetería Las Palmeras

Popular Las Palmeras features a breezy upper level with views over the Parque Central. The caldo de pollo criollo (Q27) is a must, brimming with chicken, güisquil and corn. On Saturdays there are tasty tamales.
Guatemalan in Huehuetenango

Cafetería Carilo

This humble dining hall on the central plaza fills quickly with families and friends, all digging into abundant portions of home-cooked stews served with avocado wedges and plenty of just-slapped tortillas.
Cafe in Huehuetenango

Pastelería Monte Alto

This old-fashioned establishment just off the plaza has an array of cheesecake, eclairs, plum pie and other tantalizing pastries, plus all the espresso variations.
Pizza in Huehuetenango

La Fonda de Don Juan

The place for Huehue's night owls and early risers, La Fonda serves varied Guatemalan and international fare including good-value pizzas.
International in Huehuetenango

Restaurante Lekaf

This modern, airy dining hall has a varied menu, including sandwiches, pizza and seafood. Live music (marimbas, folk) attracts a lively crowd nightly from 7pm to 10pm.
Plaza in Huehuetenango

Parque Central

Huehuetenango's main square is shaded by cylindrical ficus trees and surrounded by the town's imposing buildings: the municipalidad (with a band shell on the upper floor) and the imposing neoclassical church. For a …
Bar in Huehuetenango

Café D'Carlo

Opposite the Royal Park Hotel, this upper-level, open-air lounge has a friendly, relaxed vibe and a terrace/counter facing the street, a good spot for snacks and a bucket of chilled Gallos. Friday and Saturday night…