Archaeological Site in Huehuetenango


A remnant of the Mam capital, the Zaculeu archaeological zone was restored by the United Fruit Company in the 1940s, leaving its pyramids, ball courts and ceremonial platforms covered by a thick coat of graying plas…
Plaza in Huehuetenango

Parque Central

Huehuetenango's main square is shaded by cylindrical ficus trees and surrounded by the town's imposing buildings: the municipalidad (with a band shell on the upper floor) and the imposing neoclassical church. For a …
Church in Huehuetenango

Catedral de Huehuetenango

Also known as the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Huehue's neoclassical cathedral was built of adobe and stone in the mid-19th century, possibly atop the remains of a Maya pyramid.
Notable Building in Huehuetenango


The town hall serves as both seat of government and entertainment center: a bandshell is built into the balcony.