Posada Rural Finca Chaculá

Guesthouse in Yalambojoch & Laguna Brava

In the extreme northwest of Huehuetenango province is this community-tourism project started by returnees from five different ethnic groups who took refuge in Mexico during the civil war. Their 37-sq-km farm features a small lagoon, some Maya archaeological sites, a waterfall and abundant forest.

Originally built by German immigrants, the stone-walled estate house has been outfitted with three comfortable rooms with hot showers; a separate cabin has six simple beds. Home-cooked meals are served family style. Inguat-trained guides lead excursions to the Laguna Brava (Yolnajab) and Hoyo Cimarrón, a gigantic, almost perfectly cylindrical crater near the Mexican border. Chaculá is located 160km northwest of the departmental capital via paved road. It's 11km southeast of Aldea La Trinidad, a village between the Interamericana and the border at Gracias a Dios. From Huehuetenango, buses bound for Gracias a Dios (12:30pm) and Yalambojoch (1pm) pass by here.