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Top Choice Live Music in Guatemala City

La Bodeguita del Centro

There's a hopping, creative local scene in Guatemala City, and this large, bohemian hangout is one of the best places to connect with it. There's live music of some kind almost every night from Tuesday to Saturday, …
Top Choice Guatemalan in Guatemala City

La Cocina de Señora Pu

This tiny hole-in-the-wall eatery serves up excellent 'modernized' versions of classic Maya dishes. The menu is impressively wide – featuring beef, chicken, pork, duck, turkey, pigeon, rabbit, fish and shrimp – cons…
Top Choice Fusion in Guatemala City


As the prices may suggest, this is some of the city's finest dining, with a wide-ranging menu offering some good fusion dishes and leaning heavily on Asian influences. The presentation is fantastic and the ambiance …
Top Choice Guatemalan in Guatemala City


Set under a thatched palapa roof with a soft marimba soundtrack, this is Zona 10's best comida típica (regional food) restaurant. The atmosphere and food are both outstanding.
Top Choice Vegetarian in Guatemala City

Arbol de la Vida

Zona 10's best vegetarian restaurant opens up for early breakfasts and offers a wide menu with tasty soups and mains featuring veg-friendly goodies such as tofu and quinoa.
Top Choice Cafe in Guatemala City

Café de Imeri

Interesting breakfasts, soups and pastas. The list of sandwiches is impressive and there's a beautiful little courtyard area out the back.
Historic Building in Guatemala City

Palacio Nacional de la Cultura

On the north side of Parque Central is this imposing presidential palace, built between 1936 and 1943 during the dictatorial rule of General Jorge Ubico at enormous cost to the lives of the prisoners who were forced…
Museum in Guatemala City

Museo Miraflores

This excellent modern museum is inauspiciously jammed between two shopping malls a few kilometers out of town. Downstairs focuses on objects found at Kaminaljuyú, with fascinating trade route maps showing the site's…
Museum in Guatemala City

Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología

This museum has the country's biggest collection of ancient Maya artifacts, but explanatory information is very sparse. There's a great wealth of monumental stone sculpture, including Classic-period stelae from Tika…
Museum in Guatemala City

Museo Ixchel

This museum is named for the Maya goddess of the moon, women, reproduction and, of course, textiles. Photographs and exhibits of indigenous costumes and other crafts show the incredible richness of traditional arts …