Flores & Santa Elena restaurants

Top Choice Italian in Flores & Santa Elena


Inspired by a chef from Bologna, this Italian gourmet restaurant covers a romantic rooftop terrace. The fettuccine is produced in house, the pizzas (made of seasoned dough) are grilled rather than baked, and the fre…
Steak in Flores & Santa Elena

Antojitos Mexicanos

Every evening at the foot of the causeway these characters fire up the grill and char steak, chicken and pork ribs of exceptional quality. Their specialty is puyazo (sirloin) swathed with garlic sauce. Sit outside f…
Cafe in Flores & Santa Elena

Maple y Tocino

Amazing spot for breakfasts and lunches, ranging from smoothies and frappes (some topped with a fresh donut!) to waffles, pizza, sandwiches and wraps. Tasty coffee and espresso drinks and, to top it all, a view of t…
Cafe in Flores & Santa Elena

Café Arqueológico Yaxha

Part of the Hostel Yaxha, this spot offers the usual egg-and-bean breakfasts, but what's special here are the pre-Hispanic and Itzá items – pancakes with ramón seeds (Q30), yucca scrambled with mora herbs (Q38), chi…
Guatemalan in Flores & Santa Elena

Restaurante El Mirador

Refreshingly not aimed at foreign travelers, this traditional eatery does toothsome home cookin'. You'll find such hearty options as caldo de res (beef stew, only on Mondays), served with all the trimmings, and fres…
Steak in Flores & Santa Elena


A broad deck and a flaming grill are the main ingredients at this lakefront restaurant/bar, possibly the prettiest setting in Flores for dinner. Chargrilled meats and seafood are the specialty; it also does wood-ove…
Cafe in Flores & Santa Elena

Cool Beans

Also known as Café Chilero, this laid-back place is more clubhouse with snacks than proper restaurant, featuring salons for chatting, watching videos or laptop browsing. The lush garden with glimpses of the lake mak…
Seafood in Flores & Santa Elena

Restaurante El Puerto

Seafood is the star attraction at this breezy, open-air hall by the lakefront in Santa Elena, with a well-stocked bar at the front. It's an ideal setting to enjoy shellfish stews, popular ceviches or the famous pesc…
Guatemalan in Flores & Santa Elena

Restaurante El Peregrino

Part of the hotel of the same name, this humble comedor serves heaping helpings of home-cooked fare such as caldo de panza (beef belly stew, Q40) and breaded tongue. Ask for the daily lunch specials (Q30).
Cafe in Flores & Santa Elena

Cafe Uka

Cheap, clean and tasty, the cheery turquoise- and peach-painted Cafe Uka won't win awards for fanciness, but the service is friendly and the food (a mix of Guatemalan and Western options) is fine.