Flores & Santa Elena attractions

Cave in Flores & Santa Elena

Cuevas de Ak'tun Kan

Try spelunking at the impressive limestone caverns of Ak'tun Kan, which translates from Q'eqchi' Maya as 'Cave of the Serpent.' The cave-keeper provides the authorized interpretation of the weirdly shaped stalagmite…
Museum in Flores & Santa Elena

Museo Santa Bárbara

On an islet to the west of Flores, this little museum holds a grab bag of Maya artifacts from nearby archaeological sites, plus some old broadcasting equipment from Radio Petén (88.5 FM), which still broadcasts from…
Cathedral in Flores & Santa Elena

Nuestra Señora de los Remedios

The double-domed Nuestra Señora de los Remedios (the Spaniards' original name for the isle of Flores) stands at the isle's summit, anchoring the Parque Central.
Notable Building in Flores & Santa Elena


Flores' stately town hall, just below the Parque Central, is the place where citizens go to conduct official business.