Top Choice Religious in Antigua

Semana Santa

In the week leading up to Easter, hundreds of devotees garbed in deep purple and white robes bear revered icons from their churches in daily street processions in remembrance of Christ’s crucifixion. It's one of the…
Cultural in Chichicastenango

Feast of Santo Tomás

This celebration of the patron saint's day goes on for most of December, starting on the 5th with an inaugural parade and culminating on the 21st when pairs of brave (some would say mad) men fly about at high speeds…
Cultural in Cobán

Rabin Ajau

A stunning 'beauty pageant' of sorts, featuring the region's top talent dressed in their traditional finery, Rabin Ajau is not to be missed if you're in the area. Get tickets early, though, as the event sells out ev…
Cultural in Chichicastenango

Quema del Diablo

In this ceremony, residents burn their garbage in the streets and usher a statue of the Virgin Mary to the steps of the Iglesia de Santo Tomás. There are lots of incense and candles, a marimba band and a fireworks …
Fiesta in Todos Santos Cuchumatán

El Día de Todos los Santos

Todos Santos is famous for the annual horse races held during the festival of El Día de Todos los Santos. Traditional foods are served throughout the day and there are mask dances.
Cultural in Lívingston

Garifuna National Day

Celebrated with a variety of cultural events.
Cultural in Quetzaltenango

Feria de la Virgen del Rosario

Held in late September or early October, this is Xela's big annual party. Students create colorful 'flower' carpets of sawdust upon the streets of the city, taxi drivers shoot fireworks and the sirens of the fire tr…
Sports in Panajachel

Independence Day

On September 14, the day before Independence Day, torch-bearing athletes run in marathons throughout the country, but the tradition is celebrated with special fervor in Panajachel, where it all started in 1957. The …
Cultural in San Marcos La Laguna

Festival of Consciousness

Held around the spring equinox, this weekend festival is devoted to expansion of environmental, social and spiritual awareness. A cavalcade of workshops on everything from mindfulness to holistic health takes place …
Cultural in Santa Cruz Del Quiché

Fiestas Elenas

The most exciting time to be here is mid-August, during the Fiestas Elenas, a week of festivities and a proud display of indigenous traditions. It all leads up to the convite feminino, when El Quiché’s women don ma…