Boat in Sayaxché

Viajes Don Pedro

Viajes Don Pedro offers river transportation, including a straightforward half-day return trip from Sayaxché to Aguateca, charging Q700 for up to five people.
Boat in Yaxhá

Boats to Topoxté

At the bottom of the Calzada del Lago is the boat landing, from where a boatman might be willing to take you to Topoxté for around Q200. You can also get to Topoxté from the El Sombrero Eco-Lodge.
Ferry in Flores & Santa Elena

Car Ferry

Small ferry for cars and light trucks that operates between Flores and San Miguel.
Ferry in San Miguel & Tayazal

Car ferry

This two-car ferry shuttles people across between Flores and San Miguel.
Bus in Flores & Santa Elena

Autobuses del Norte

One departure for Guatemala City per day.
Bus Stop in Melchor de Mencos

Microbus Terminal

Microbuses for Santa Elena and Flores.
Bus Stop in Flores & Santa Elena

Taxi Stand

Airline in Flores & Santa Elena

Tropic Air

Bus in Flores & Santa Elena

Fuente del Norte

Car Rental in Flores & Santa Elena