Comisión de Turismo Cooperativa Carmelita

Hiking in El Mirador

This group of 16 INGUAT-authorized guides, located in Carmelita, 82km up the road from Flores, can make all arrangements for a trek to El Mirador, with optional visits to the Preclassic sites of Nakbé, El Tintal, Wakná and Xulnal. To discuss the options and make arrangements, visit the cooperative's agency in Flores.

For a five-/six-day trip, the cooperative charges Q1925/2240 per person in a group of at least three people. The fee includes tents, hammocks and mosquito netting; all meals and drinking water; Spanish-speaking guide; mules and muleskinners; and first-aid supplies.

Travelers who participate in these treks should be in good physical shape, able to withstand high temperatures (average of nearly 38°C) and humidity (average 85%) and be prepared to hike or ride long distances (up to 30km per day).