Gardens in Cobán


Orchid lovers and even the orchid-curious should not miss the wonderfully informative guided tour of this orchid sanctuary just off the highway to Cobán. The 1½ to two hour tour takes you through the history of orch…
Park in Cobán

Parque Nacional Las Victorias

This forested 82-hectare national park, right in town, has ponds, BBQ and picnic areas, children's play areas, a lookout point and kilometers of trails. The entrance is near the corner of 9a Av and 3a Calle. Most tr…
Church in Cobán

Templo El Calvario

You can get a fine view over the town from this church atop a long flight of stairs at the north end of 7a Av. Indigenous people leave offerings at outdoor shrines and crosses in front of the church. Don't linger he…
Architecture in Cobán

Ermita de Santo Domingo de Guzmán

The Ermita de Santo Domingo de Guzmán, a chapel dedicated to Cobán's patron saint, is 150m west of the bottom of the stairs leading to the Templo El Calvario (the stairs are at the north end of 7a Av).
Cathedral in Cobán


Cobán's majestic cathedral takes pride of place, overlooking the central plaza.
Market in Cobán

Mercado Terminal

The local market is always good for a wander, even if you're not looking to buy.
National Park in Cobán

Parque Nacional Las Victorias Entrance

Entrance to the National Park.