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Volcano, Lake, Ruins Tour: Cerro Vede, Caotepeque, San Andres

During this El Salvador Combo Day Tour you will visit the main highlights of El Salvador including Cerro Verde National Park at the Lake and Volcano Complex, Coatepeque Lake as well as the Mayan Sites of Joya de Cerén and San Andrés. What are you waiting for?
8 hours
Outdoor Activities

Hike active Izalco volcano, one of the youngest in the world

The story says ancient sailors used the explosions of Izalco volcano as a guide while sailing along Salvadoran coastline during the day, and the glow of the lava at night. That's why it was named as The Lighthouse of the Pacific.Izalco was formed on the side of the neighbor and taller Santa Ana volcano spewing flows of lava during almost 200 years of continuous eruption until it stopped in 1959. Since then it has been dormant but with signs of activity on the crater, with jet streams of water steam from underneath.Izalco is one of the youngest volcanoes in the world and a pretty good challenge for hikers. Is not the distance walked but the slope and terrain. You walk in the dense cloud forest and then switch abruptly to bare sharped volcanic rock with no vegetation around. And steep. But the view from the top is the best reward.
8 hours