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Market in Chichicastenango


Some villagers still walk for hours carrying their wares to reach Chichi's market, one of Guatemala's largest. At dawn on Thursday and Sunday they spread out their vegetables, chunks of chalk (ground to a powder, mi…
Cultural in Chichicastenango

Feast of Santo Tomás

This celebration of the patron saint's day goes on for most of December, starting on the 5th with an inaugural parade and culminating on the 21st when pairs of brave (some would say mad) men fly about at high speeds…
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Casa San Juan

One of the more stylish eateries, the San Juan occupies a beautiful colonial structure beside Santo Tomás with candlelit dining in various salons. Offerings range from burgers and sandwiches to more traditional fare…
Cultural in Chichicastenango

Quema del Diablo

In this ceremony, residents burn their garbage in the streets and usher a statue of the Virgin Mary to the steps of the Iglesia de Santo Tomás. There are lots of incense and candles, a marimba band and a fireworks …
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Mayan Inn

The three dining rooms at Chichi's classiest hotel feature colonial-style furnishings and canvases by renowned painter Humberto Garabito. Waiters wear costumes evolved from the dress of Spanish colonial farmers. The…
Arts & Crafts in Chichicastenango

Ut'z Bat'z

This fair-trade shop by the plaza's southwest corner displays the work of a local women's cooperative comprising 30 weavers, including scarves, shawls, table runners, bags and pillows.
Cultural in Chichicastenango

Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Don’t miss the early-morning dance of the giant cartoon characters in the plaza.
Museum in Chichicastenango

Museo Arqueológico Regional

Chichi's archaeology museum holds the collection of Hugo Rossbach, a German who served as the town's Catholic priest until his death in 1944. It includes some beautiful jade necklaces and figurines, along with cerem…
Guatemalan in Chichicastenango

Restaurante Don Pascual

Here you can take breakfast looking over the sea of tin roofs that cover the market. The gregarious, English-speaking owner is the grandson of the namesake founder, the former leader of Chichi's supreme brotherhood,…
Church in Chichicastenango

Iglesia de Santo Tomás

This church on the plaza's east side dates from 1540 and is often the scene of rituals that are more distinctly Maya than Catholic. Inside, the floor of the church may be dotted with offerings of maize, flowers and …